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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Senior Game Developer Required at Chennai - Jobs & Career

Senior Game Developer Required at Chennai

Senior Game Developer Required
  • Experience developing and shipping at least 2 games for console, mobile, or PC.
  • Good understanding of the game development cycle from start to release.
  • 5+ years of full-time programming in a high level language like C#, C++.
  • Proficient in 3D vector math.
  • Experience with the Unity3D Game Engine.
  • Experience with web technologies such PHP/MySQL, XML, JSON, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly develop features from specification to prototype to ship-ready.
  • Experience with network gameplay programming.
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate UI components such as nGUI.
  • Pluses:
  • Oculus Rift Development
  • Leap Motion Development
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Monday, 15 July 2013

Title: Java UI Developer-Pittsburgh, Pennsylevania

Jobs Title: Java UI Developer
Jobs Location : Pittsburgh, Pennsylevania
Jobs Description:
Must have JQuery Mobile Experience
And Excellent Communications Skills.
Please email your resume to
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Monday, 1 August 2011

New Jobs J2EE Technical Architect II (Mobile Applications)

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Job: J2EE Technical Architect II (Mobile Applications)

Job Description

Job duties include but are not limited to the following:

1. Communicate the architectural vision, experiment with alternative
architectural approaches, create interface specification documents and
validate the architecture against requirements
2. Develop a consistent framework for future Blue Cross Blue Shield
Florida technology decisions
3. Understand and link business architecture with the technical
architecture for the enterprise
4. Bridge the gaps between business and technology to deliver a
''blueprint'' for developing the enterprise technical structure
5. Provide expertise as it relates to decision-making and priorities for
the enterprise technical architecture
6. Knowledge of technology trends in order to support current and future
enterprise opportunities

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree in information technology or equivalent work
2. Five or more years of progressive technical experience doing technology
configuration, deployment and systems integration
3. Experience with one substantial application in the android App Store
4. Experience with code development in *J2EE and mobile applications
5. One or more years of experience in a technical lead role
6. Experience with Linux or AIX operating systems
7. Experience developing and/or interfacing with WS APIs (SOAP/REST/JSON)
8. Experience programming using *android programming skills
9. Experience using SQL

10. Experience using Android debugging tools
11. Experience using versioning tools (GIT)
12. Demonstrated mobile experience - must understand mobile devices
13. Experience developing multi-threaded applications
14. Experience with debugging, optimization, and release management
15. Mobile web experience - J2EE, RAD, Apache Struts, Unix Shell
Scripting, Database, Db2, SQL, HTML, and XML technologies
16. Knowledge of coding design and documentation protocol as well as unit
testing, change management and release procedures
17. Experience writing technical specifications for subsystems and
identifying integration points
18. Experience estimating project timelines and resources required to
complete programming projects
19. Perform unit testing and debugging and set test conditions based on
code specifications
20. Experience reviewing vendor research and gap analysis, make vendor
recommendation to technical team and client
21. Written and Verbal communication skills
22. Experience consulting and negotiating
23. Experience with the detail design documentation, development, unit
testing and maintenance of internally developed mobile applications and
externally purchased software products
24. Experience creating, documenting and communicating architectural
designs for sub-components of a system including mobile web, iphone, ipad,
and android native applications

Business Specific Criteria (Preferred):
1. Knowledge of current health care company trends with respect to mobile
web, iphone and android
2. Experience with Visio
3. Experience designing user interfaces
4. Experience on other mobile platforms/technologies such as iphone and
ipad and blackberry
5. Knowledge of the iPhone SDK, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, MapKit,
CoreLocation, QuartzCore, AddressBook, EventKit, MessageUI
6. Industry recognized certification in mobile, iphone or android
7. Experience creating, documenting and communicating architectural
designs for sub-components of a system including mobile web, iphone, ipad,
and android native application

Please send updated resume to

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