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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Senior Software Developer required Chennai, India

Senior Software Developer We are searching for you

Senior Software Developer

Location: Chennai, India.

We are a reputed consultancy company. We perceive international opportunities. Want to build a scalable web based system. A system using the latest commercial and open source technologies. That will be interactive to capture the needs of various participants. And yes, we want to build growth strategies.

Who are we looking for as a Senior Software Developer?

  • A conceptual thinker.

  • A person who is a generalist.

  • One who understands the whole picture.

  • The one who is prepared to drive and guide the team.

What does the Senior Software Developer need to be.

  • Experience architecting large scale applications

  • Scripting , Querying and some front-end development

  • Knowledge/experience with NoSQL systems

What can we offer to the Senior Software Developer?

  • A great challenge.

  • A working environment with a bunch of great people.

  • The satisfaction of being involved.

  • The importance of being heard.

Interested? Please forward your Resume to

Senior Software Developer required Chennai, India

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Title:Sap BO Consultant-USA/ Indianapolis-USA/ Indianapolis

Jobs Title:Sap BO Consultant
Jobs Location:USA/ Indianapolis
Jobs Description:
Shell Basics & Sub shells - Shell types: Bourne, Korn, C, bash -Korn Shell Environment - Startup Scripts (.profile, .kshrc) - Using ENV forautomatic environment tailoring (PATH etc.) [Shell Command Syntax] - Commands & Options - Manipulating Input and Output Redirection (Pipes) - Aliases (alias,unalias) - How the Shell Finds Commands - Command History and Editing[Variables] - Assigning Values to Variables (set, unset and Special Variables)- Built-in Variables Known to Login Shell - The Shell Environment andpredefined variables - Exporting Variables [Input/Output] - Working with filesand file attributes - Working with Directories - Basic I/O Features - Stringand Field Processing - Streams and pipes (exec) - Terminal Information(COLUMNS, LINES, TERM)
Skill2 - Business Intelligence (L2)
Please email your resume to

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Friday, 14 December 2012

perl developer

Job Title:perl developer

 Location: Nwe Jersy , USA 

 Should have 7+ years of experience, at least 3-4 years working with Perl
 Should be able to develop automation scripts using Perl depending on the requirement
 Should have experience in Unix/Shell/ scripts with Oracle
 Write Perl scripts for automating MDX queries to load Essbase cubes
 Test functionality of the scripts developed
Troubleshoot & fix issues to ensure desired functionality
Should have hands-on experience on Linux or any UNIX flavors
 Very good communication and planning capabilities

Please email your resume to