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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Title:VB.NET Lead Developer-Crandord, NewJersey

Jobs Title:VB.NET Lead Developer
Jobs Location:Crandord, NewJersey
Jobs Description:
 Need a Sr. VB.NET Developer with expertise on winforms and PL/SQL.  Must have strong experience with both.  Experience with C# and ASP.NET is highly preferred. Client is running on Oracle 10g and 11g, so experience there will help.
Please email your resume to
Please visit
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oracle DBA

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KBS Consultants
Job Title:Oracle DBA (with some SAP BASIS)
Required:Typically looking for 10+ years Oracle DBA with some SAP Basis
experience (1 to 3 years)
80-90% Oracle DBA job with occasional SAP Basis work

Job Description:
1. Background: The Client has an immediate need for on-site Oracle Database
Administration support for mission critical systems and applications in an
environment which includes SAP, Business Objects, and Oracle Identity
Management. In the SAP environment, both operations and application
development must be supported. Migration to Oracle 11g and RAC is required.
Application development in a Clerity Unikix application rehosting
environment and web application development must also be supported.
2. Minimum Qualifications:
a.Bachelor’s degree in a related field, (i.e., mathematics, computer
science, management information systems), and five (5) years of experience
in the administration of Oracle ver 10 or later, in support of SAP
b.Experience with Oracle SQL Loader, PL/SQL, Oracle Enterprise Manager,
Oracle Grid, Toad for Oracle, SQL Plus.
c.Experience performing "hot" and "cold" backups, archive log backups and
restores of Oracle databases using RMan, Oracle Data Pump, Net Backup, SAP
Backup utilities, etc.
d.Experience performing ETL operations in an Oracle environment, and between
Oracle and other databases.
e.Experience in supporting high-availability database environments and
availability for 24x7x365 on call support.
f.Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of complex enterprise system
software and Database Management System software.
g.Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
3. Preferred Qualifications:
a.Experience with Oracle 11G, Oracle RAC.
b.Experience in disaster recovery planning and in recovering Oracle databases.
4. Duties:
a.Build & configure new databases as required by Basis Administrators, and
Application Developers.
b.Examine potential Oracle technologies to incorporate into the District
c.Monitor vendor support web site for articles, issues, and tools to help
support the District.
d.Carefully monitor performance of the District’s customized components for
users' benefit.
e.Utilize SAP, Oracle, and other vendor tools to perform database backup,
restoration and recovery to support business continuity.
f.Perform proactive routine Oracle maintenance.
g.Monitor CCMS/DBA cockpit, resolve ERP database issues to ensure stable
database operations.
h.Proactive monitoring of District databases to ensure data consistency.
i.Assist SAP Basis and Systems Administration teams in issue resolution,
implementations, and maintenance.
j.Monitor daily backups to ensure the District’s systems’ recoverability.
k.Monitor Oracle object storage and file system disk space management.
l.Review weekly and monthly ERP system Early Watch reports.
m.Write scripts to assist with server/database management.
n.Tune database performance to ensure acceptable response time.
o.Provide troubleshooting on Solaris, Sun Cluster, Netbackup when required.
p.Support Basis/Application teams in program performance improvement.
q.Knowledge sharing, research OSS notes and Oracle Docs for SAP/database
r.Mentor District DBA staff in procedures, protocols, and methods of best
supporting SAP infrastructure.
s.Maintain Oracle-related security (users, objects, roles, etc.).
t.Ensure database(s) are free from corruption, are backed up according to
requirements, and are recoverable.
u.Monitor and maintain storage allocations, backups, and data retention
v.Maintenance of tables, views, stored procedures, indexes,
application/package binding compiles, etc.
w.Monitors the adherence to change control procedures by application
development and functional teams.
x.Using Oracle Grid, and other tools, monitors system performance related
data on a daily basis and modifies appropriate tuning parameters to correct
and prevent problems.
y.Troubleshoots and remedies related software and database problems as
needed for development teams, customers, and third party groups.
z.Provide 24x7x365 on-call problem resolution database support. database patch and upgrade planning and deployment.
bb.Reorganize databases in Production, QA, and Development environments.
cc.Install, configure, and test Oracle 11g Real Application Cluster.
dd.Support of Basis team during planning/installation of new SAP systems.
ee.Support approved database system upgrade and/or decommissioning
ff.Install, maintain, and configure Oracle related database gateways.
gg.Author a structured training outline designed to result in a DBA with the
skills and knowledge to administer the District SAP Databases without any
hh.Proctor one or more District employees through said training outline.
ii.Other as directed by the District.

Please send updated resume to
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