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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shri Narendra Modi addressing a Public Meeting in Chandigarh

That's a fantastic speech. Looks like "right from the heart". And I also appreciate the work of Arjun Shrivatsan here KBS Consultants assist many leading Companies ( in India and Overseas) recruiting their man power. Many candidates placed by us are working with reputed companies and on regular permanent employment.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Demands to Narendra Modi

NaMo promises change to the Indian Aam Aadmi

NaMo The chants are becoming Louder

NaMo has been addressing huge rallies across the country.  Congress party leaders and

Namo promises good governance

Namo holds promise for Aam Aadmi

ministers are beginning to feel the pangs in their stomachs. This is evident. Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has finally, though reluctantly, conceded that. NaMo is emerging as force to reckon with.

 ”Aam Aadmi” is relating to him. Interacting with him. And rooting for him with chants of “NaMo” “NaMo”.

BJP cadres are now a motivated lot. You can see many youngsters, college students including girls, speaking about NaMo. The internet is flooded with NaMo fans. Social media is very active with excerpts from Narendra Modi’s speeches. His photographs and posters are seen everywhere. Even in a state like Tamil Nadu  the face of “Namo” is popular.

We see desperate actions by the Government and the Congress party. They have no answers to the questions being asked. Why is the Government now probing AAP funds? Congress did not want to come under RTI. They do not want to be accountable. The weak defenses are not going to get any results. It appears the defeat for the Congress is certain in New Delhi.

Manmohan Singh says “In the public debate on corruption in our country it is sometimes forgotten that economic growth also implies greater opportunity for corruption. It is important, therefore, that we look at the issue of corruption in the correct perspective.” – Source pmindia­  What is the Prime Minister meaning? Is he saying that corruption should be tolerated and ignored?

And so, India is eagerly expecting Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister

India has realised that the Congress party has misruled the country for over 60 years. The expectations of the “Aam Aadmi” are buiding up. They are willing to give Narendra Modi  the five years he is asking for. What they want is a complete change in the system. They want to see an end to corruption. They want to see good governance. They want performance. And they want economic development.

And Namo is holding the promise.

NaMo promises change to the Indian Aam Aadmi