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Friday, 6 December 2013

Data Analyst Big Data Trainee

Data Analyst big data Workforce

Data Analyst Big Data Trainee required at Chennai

Do you have the drive to find Data? Do you want to build a career as Data Analyst Big Data?

Do you like to explore the huge treasure with Data?

Have you ever thought of analysing, understanding and using the large unstructured datasets?

What is the role of Trainee Data Analyst Big Data

Help Anticipate the trends that are going to shape the World

Now, read further..

We are looking to recruit people to build data science teams. Teams that will find their efforts exciting. Persons who would look beyond the obvious data points. People with a passion for Data.

Individuals with traits or even innate urge to use data for analysis and interpretation.

What is needed for the role of Trainee Data Analyst Big Data

Are you inspired and willing to dedicate your skills to data analysis ? Receive training to be part of the next generation of data scientists ? Create queries that require a deep drill down into data. Help businesses to anticipate the trends that are going to shape their products. Drive innovation in consumer analysis.

We are Looking for YOU for the role of Trainee Data Analysts Big Data

Interested candidates may send resumes to mentioning “Data Analyst Big Data” in the subject line of email.

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Data Analyst Big Data Trainee

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Title:Senior Data Analyst-Little Rock, Arkansas and Missouri

Jobs Title:Senior Data Analyst
Jobs Location:Little Rock, Arkansas and Missouri
Jobs Description:
TheData Analyst specializes in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data fromvarious resources. This position functions in aService-Oriented Architecture(SOA)-driven organizational framework. The work is performed in a complexsoftware environment on an SOA platform to include a mix of Commercial Off TheShelf (COTS) software solutions, state systems and external government andcarrier entities. TheData Analyst will:Developan in-depth understanding of the interrelationships of data and multiple datadomainsCreatethorough documentation artifacts and maintain same for duration of projectIdentifyand document data migration paths and processesMaintainindustry/technical knowledgebase and facilitate/maintain industry relationshipsDemonstratecommitment to providing customer-focused quality serviceSupportassigned systems with on-call availability and respond within agreed upontimeframesPerformother duties as deemed relevant based upon experience to fulfill customer needsDevelopand perform standard queries and searches to identify data inconsistencies,missing data and resolve asneededStandardizedata naming, data definitions and modeling

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