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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Congress Capital Disgrace inflicted by AAP and NaMo

Congress Capital Disgrace in Delhi Elections 2013

Congress Capital DisgraceThe TV channels were afraid to disclose the truth. It appears that all of them ganged up. To somehow humiliate the Aam Aadmi Party. I am talking about the so called “Sting Operation”. AAP claimed that the Video was doctored and edited. The Election commission dismissed the video footage. But the Congress would not admit it. Now the truth is out. Congress is decimated. Mere 8 seats in Delhi. What a steep fall ? Congress Capital Disgrace.

Dynastic and Vote Bank politics are doomed. Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan add to Congress Capital Disgrace

Congress has been blind to reality. They still believe in the “Gandhis”. And the Gandhis believe in vote bank politics. What is the need for the Communal Violence Bill ? Its only purpose is vote bank. Gone are the days when voters stayed indoors. Now they are coming out to vote. Every election is showing higher percentage of voter turnout. Lesson from the Delhi election results and Elections 2013? Dynastic and vote bank politics are doomed. Namo has proved this in Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan. Adds fuel to Congress Capital Disgrace

Insulting Aam Aadmi Party leads Congress Capital Disgrace

Namo Congress Capital Disgrace Vibrant Modi[/caption]

Rahul Gandhi says party will focus on transforming the country. Does he know how to do it? The first step would be to throw out Kapil Sibal, Manish Tiwari, Sushil Shinde & Sanjay Jha. They repeatedly insulted the AAP & Kejariwal. They also dismissed Namo as no factor. The result… Congress Capital Disgrace. First lesson – learn to respect your opponents. Try to reach out to people. Bring effective Lokpal immediately. The country needs that. The people are demanding.

Congress Capital Disgrace AAP and NaMo add fuel

Arvind Kejariwal’s AAP has completely decimated Congress. Inflicts heavy damage & Congress Capital Disgrace in Delhi Elections 2013. RaGa says he has learnt a lesson from AAP. But has he really learnt? That Dynastic and vote bank politics will not work anymore. Otherwise more Disgrace to Congress awaits them in Elections 2014.

Congress Capital Disgrace inflicted by AAP and NaMo