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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Revolution - Congress party Mismanaged India for 60 years

India Mismanaged by Congress party for 60 years

The Congress party, for more than 60 years post independence, has created social conditions that are indifferent to the Indian citizen.

Manmohan Singh the culprit The Culprit[/caption]

The system that the successive Congress Governments have created have just administrated in favour of the large corporations and the rich and have completely ignored the people they were meant to serve.

The Congress party has miserably failed to do anything to end income inequality or to end the exploitation of the country’s natural resources by the large corporations. The Congress party has aligned with some of the most corrupt leaders of their UPA partners to gain personal wealth. They have totally mismanaged the country.

When Anna Hazare succeeded in mobilising the citizens to the streets demanding JanLokpal, the Government ( Congress party), very cunningly, stooped very low in Parliament to scuttle a meaningful law to end corruption.

So, we need a revolution, a movement in the coming elections, which will throw out all the Congress Governments and motivate the people to throw out Congress party out of electoral politics in India.

” We have seen what Congress has done to the country in 60 years of being in rule.

Vote Narendra Modi for PM

Narendra Modi “the Leader”

I urge my fellow countrymen to give BJP 60 months and I assure that we will change the fortune & destiny of India with the Mantra of Development!” – Narendra Modi, Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP.

Er Kishan Kotecha tweets September 20, 2013

“ NaMo has shown how an honest, dedicated, visionary and a true working leader can bring a change in the whole system and spread positivity amongst every citizen that there is a man who cares for people and works for the people.”

Revolution - Congress party Mismanaged India for 60 years