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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Is the World looking at Narendra Modi?

Japanese leadership with ModiWhy Foreigners are looking at Narendra Modi

Last year, a number of Western countries, led by Britain and Sweden, ended a boycott of Gujarat that has been enforced after the 2002 killings. While officials said the wanted to reengage with the state rather than any one individual, the decision was widely seen as further anticipation of Mr Modi’s ascent.

On being asked why he was so keen on inviting Modi, Barry Gardiner, Labour MP from Brent North, United Kingdom said, “Whether or not Modi goes on to become India’s next prime minister, nobody can deny he is clearly one of India’s most influential political actors. Hence, his view on how he wants to see India in the near future is of great interest to the UK and Europe,”

Many Indians living outside India believe that Narendra Modi should become the next Prime Minister of India. They feel the present Indian UPA government, led by Congress and the Gandhis, has failed on the issue of governance. The current economic stagnation is seen as policy paralysis and many feel let down by the Corruption issues.

Is the World looking at Narendra Modi?