Thursday, 3 October 2013

Title: Web developer Content Management-Detroit

Jobs Title: Web developer Content Management
Jobs  Location: Detroit
Jobs Description:
 Create and modifies content for the BCBSM website.
 Analyzes, designs, tests and implements website content, ensuring content is organized in a clear, simple and usable manner.
 Ensures that content complies with organizational standards and support business objectives.
 Reviews all web content for grammatical spelling and typographic errors with accuracy and speed.
 Ensures corrections are made prior to posting content on sites.  Participates in quality assurance testing and monitors automated tools to maintain and improve quality standards  Aids in interactive email marketing by implementing consistent design and effective layouts.  Writes and develops content for various online advertising medium  Assists in website design page layout, enhancements, photo retouching, content creation and ongoing content management under the direction of the senior web designer or information architect  Assist with website consulting initiatives to develop efficient website content  Works in collaboration with various team across the organization including, marketing, graphics, sales, product and IT to produce content  Assists in the evaluation and implementation of new and emerging web technologies  Serves as primary moderator to user generated content in blogs and forums. Contributes to social media marketing efforts as appropriate  Produces web content, which includes proofreading, writing captions and working within the company’s content management system.

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