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Monday, 28 October 2013

Importance of building Brand India

India, an idea whose time has come   

is the upcoming book by Niclas Ljungberg.

I have to stress the importance of building Brand India, the crucial role that marketing can play in boosting and developing a sharp country brand that will be multi purpose , attractive and the one that is sustainable.

This is at a time when the international community has blamed the Indian leadership for the failures. Apart from facing the challenges of a slowdown in economic growth, hugeUnderachiever Manmohan Singh fiscal deficit and a falling rupee, India’s Congress party-led UPA coalition “has found itself fending off corruption scandals and accused of showing a lack of economic direction.”

Now we have a leader in Narendra Modi  who has the confidence to say Let us forget impressing the world and think of inspiring the world.

Modi has called for presenting our heritage, culture and values to the rest of the world. Modi says, “World did not run with military or economic power only. Biggest strength is soft power. We are so rich in soft power and no one can be as rich as us. What do we not have. We need to market it.” He points out further “See our music. It is not something merely for the years but it is integrated with the mind. Western music thrills the body but Indian music thrills the mind. What thrills the body has a short duration but what thrills the mind is eternal.”

He further gives the examples of Yoga and Ayurveda to illustrate the importance of proper marketing and packaging. “We have all the things that the world wants but we lack faith in ourselves.” Modi asks “we have the oldest port cities and oldest cities in the world but did we present it to the world?”

Narendra Modi Brand IndiaNarendra Modi as the Prime Minister will project India to the world as a nation of possiblities and promises. The Western World also seems to be looking forward to Narendra Modi becoming PM of India. Business Community will gain confidence and there will be huge impetus for growth.

The statement by Alastair Newton, Senior Political Analyst at Nomura sums it up ” Given BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s track record of an impressive performance on the economic front, a BJP government at the centre in 2014 will be good for market sentiment”

Importance of building Brand India