Friday, 20 September 2013

Title: SharePoint Developer -Bloomfield, Misconsin

Jobs Title: SharePoint Developer 
Jobs Location: Bloomfield, Misconsin 
Jobs Description:
 Individual sites were configured using Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Basic web-parts have been developed, administered and populated by representatives from each of the functional departments, including, but not limited to Accounting, Tax, Finance, HR and Corporate Communications. The purpose of this project is to work collaboratively with the Pulte Human Resources (HR) department to rebrand and redesign the current look and feel of the portal specific to HR. Various types of content have been developed by the HR team; most of which is made available for Pulte employees throughout each of Pulte's market offices across the United States. Other documents, not intended for employee use are stored and secured on local file/print servers. The new HR Portal will enable end users/employees to access all relevant HR information by employing content reorganization and a streamlined user interface.

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