Saturday, 28 September 2013


Jobs Location :Fremont Michigan
Jobs Description:
 Designing, developing, implementing or supporting moderately complex information systems
 identifying, analyzing and resolving business problems
 building or supporting mainframe, distributed systems or Web based systems Technical Skills:
mainframe, distributed, and/or Web-based system design and development
 programming languages (e.g., COBOL II, JAVA)
 operating systems (e.g., MVS, Windows XP, UNIX)
 database management systems (e.g., IMS DB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server)
 online communication (e.g., IMS DC, CICS)
 system development tools (Endevor, IMS Expert, Xpediter, SQA Team Test, Eclipse, JAVA)
 systems operation practices
 security and control procedures  structured systems analysis, design, programming and testing
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