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Friday, 13 September 2013

Senior UAT Tester with SOA (Healthcare Domain)-St Paul, Minnesota

Jobs Title:Senior UAT Tester with SOA (Healthcare Domain)
Jobs Location:St Paul, Minnesota
Jobs Description:
TheTester works in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-driven organizational framework and provides testing expertise for various technologyenvironments.This role is responsible for developing, executing and evaluatingsoftware testplans. The Tester will:
 Review and analyze technical requirements, gain a thorough understandingofproject scope and create a test plan that is aligned with project parametersand goals
 Develop and maintain test plans using approved software methodology guidance
 Execute test plans using various testing methods, levels and objectives
 Document test plan results and report testing activity status to theTestManager
 Assist with creating documentation such as test management plans, usecase,test scenario templates
 Detect all errors and bugs, research the origin of errors and recommendbugfixes
 Review technical documentation and maintain knowledge about software releases
 Install/update software on machines in test environments
 Maintain industry/technical knowledge base and facilitate/maintain industry relationships
 Demonstrate commitment to providing customer-focused quality service
 Perform other duties as deemed relevant, based.
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