Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Title:Senior PL/SQL Developer-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jobs Title:Senior PL/SQL Developer
Jobs Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jobs Description:
    Develop new software applications and support existing software applications
    Develop program objects using PL/SQL, T-SQL, C, Shell scripting (Unix & Linux)
    Provide back-up DBA services (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) including logical/physical design, tuning, backup, recovery, allocations, and security
    Conduct application and database tuning including: code optimizations, indexing, partitioning/sub-partitioning, etc.
    Apply standard structures and practices to produce robust and effective applications centering around configurability and reusability
    Participate in and conduct code reviews
    Develop unit test data and unit test plans
    Knowledge and experience of the software development lifecycle
    Define, design and implement data processing streams beginning with numerous raw data sources and ending with a highly tuned data warehouse
    Routinely work against very large data volumes and/or complex datasets in Oracle
    Prepare documentation including: functional specifications, technical specifications, user guides, installation guides, etc.

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