Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Title:ETL Developer (Microsoft)-Las Vegas, Nevada

Jobs Title:ETL Developer (Microsoft)
Jobs Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Jobs Description:
         Consultant / contractor support for a hybrid set of skills
         4-7 years of experience with ETL and preferably with BI as well (prefers combination of two but not mandatory)
         Preferable but not necessary, if the candidate has built BI Dashboards
         Data Warehousing / ETL development
         Versatile resource who possesses knowledge and experience with full spectrum of ETL processes (Concept to Production)
         Experience with Application Data, DW Management, Data Visualization, Data Hygiene, Data Manipulation, Data Normalization, Re-calculation
         Can quickly understand Business and adequately transform data in to BI
         Deep understanding and/or experience with entire ETL cycle from Data Acquisition (Raw Data) > Data Cleansing > Data Manipulation > Data Normalization > Re-calculation > Data Consumption by BI
Please email your resume to kbschennai@kbsconsultants.com Please visit

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