Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Title:Ericsson MSP Consultant-Redmond, Washington

Jobs Title:Ericsson MSP Consultant
Jobs Location:Redmond, Washington
Jobs Description:

 Experience in Design, Deployment & Configuration of Ericsson MSP product
 Knowledge on WAP configuration and Integration.
 Knowledge of Linux/Solaris/UNIX Operating Systems and scripting
 Understanding of datacom networks (switches/routers/firewalls/load balancers/proxies/IP addresses/how nodes connect and speak via TCP/IP) and the basics of configuring an IP address and routing.
 Strong knowledge of IP-related protocols in the wireless industry, including Diameter, SIP, RTP, TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, DNS, and general Routing and Switching protocols.
 Hands-on experience in EPC Packet Core including PCC domain (not limited to MME, SPGW/PCEF, and PCRF)
 Well versed with 3GPP specifications specifically R8/R9/and R10
 Strong understanding of 3GPP specifications, with working experience of converged IP core network deployments that meet requirements of next generation mobile networks
 Experience of PCRF, OCS, HSS, mediation and charging, lawful intercepts and CALEA.

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