Tuesday, 4 June 2013

UX Developer-Altanta, Georgia

Jobs Title: UX Developer
Jobs Location: Altanta, Georgia
Jobs Description:
  5+ years of experience in full cycle user experience design including user research, design, testing and evaluation.
 Ability to explain wireframes and usability design of application to team and client.
  Ability to negotiate feedback on wireframes and/or prototype
  Experience in Visio, Axure, Irise or other interactive prototyping tool
  Experience working on mobile projects with understanding of mobile design elements, considerations and limitations for Android/iOS will be a plus
 Able to provide a demonstrable portfolio of work
 Experienced in UX Design for SharePoint
Expertise in the User Centered Design process, Accessibility, Mobile and Web Standards.
Please email your resume to kbschennai@kbsconsultants.com
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