Thursday, 6 June 2013

Title:Sap BO Consultant-USA/ Indianapolis-USA/ Indianapolis

Jobs Title:Sap BO Consultant
Jobs Location:USA/ Indianapolis
Jobs Description:
Shell Basics & Sub shells - Shell types: Bourne, Korn, C, bash -Korn Shell Environment - Startup Scripts (.profile, .kshrc) - Using ENV forautomatic environment tailoring (PATH etc.) [Shell Command Syntax] - Commands & Options - Manipulating Input and Output Redirection (Pipes) - Aliases (alias,unalias) - How the Shell Finds Commands - Command History and Editing[Variables] - Assigning Values to Variables (set, unset and Special Variables)- Built-in Variables Known to Login Shell - The Shell Environment andpredefined variables - Exporting Variables [Input/Output] - Working with filesand file attributes - Working with Directories - Basic I/O Features - Stringand Field Processing - Streams and pipes (exec) - Terminal Information(COLUMNS, LINES, TERM)
Skill2 - Business Intelligence (L2)
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