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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Title: Senior. Web/UI developer-Charlotte, NorthCarolina

Jobs Title: Senior. Web/UI developer
Jobs Location:Charlotte, NorthCarolina
Jobs Description:
The consultant musthave CSS3, HTML5,JavaScript and JQuery.EXPECTEDRESPONSIBILITY Experience hand-coding HTML, CSS and Javascript based on webstandards and best practices for scalability and accessibility.  Must have an expert knowledge of building cross-browseruser interfaces, including IE6.  Ability to rapidly iterate through prototypes
Expert knowledge of Javascript and UI libraries such asjQuery, jQuery Mobile and YUI
 Have existing knowledge of Java programming andrapidprototyping technologies
 Ability to create complex interaction using jQuery.
 Experience programming for Flash/Flex
 Experience building Apps for iPhone/ Droid and iPad is ahuge plus, but not required.
 Stay up-to-date on new technologies and trends
 Expert knowledge of optimizing client side performance
 Familiarity designing for financial services
 Familiarity with programming to display charts and graphsusing Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Familiarity with Section 508, accessibility guidelines
Please email your resume to
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