Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Title: Informatica Architect / Developer-Denver, Columbia

Jobs Title: Informatica Architect / Developer

Jobs Location: Denver, Columbia

Jobs Description:

At least 10+ years of Informatica Experience

PowerCenter Real-time Edition 12 CPU-cores

PowerExchange for Oracle data type (included)

PowerExchange for SQL Server data type (included)

PowerExchange for Database - CDC Option SQL Server (included)

PowerExchange for Database - CDC Option Oracle (included)

PowerExchange for MSMQ (included)

PowerExchange for Sybase data types

PowerCenter High Availability Option 12 CPU-cores

Data Replication Sybase ASE Source and Target 6 CPU-Cores (4 source, 2 staging).

PowerCenter Real-time Edition Dev/Test 12 CPU-cores

Please email your resume to kbschennai@kbsconsultants.com

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