Friday, 5 April 2013

Title:Oracle CRM on Demand Consultant-Seattle, Washington

Jobs Title:Oracle CRM on Demand Consultant

Jobs Location:Seattle, Washington

Jobs  Description:- 

Overall 10-12 years of IT experience

 4+ of years of experience in Oracle CRM on Demand (OCoD) in

 Application Configuration and Customization
 User access and role management
 Creating of Data migration template and loading the data
 Configuring Workflows
 Analytics/Custom reports creation/modification
 Working with Integration Events
 Configuring web services
 Developing and deploying applications using Java
 Very good understanding of CRM process (Marketing, Sales and Service)
 Ability to communicate and interact smoothly with Business users
 Exposed to Global Delivery model and offshore coordination
 Oracle certified consultants in OCoD are preferred

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