Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sharepoint Validation Analyst

Job Title:Sharepoint Validation Analyst

 Location: Foster City, California


Computer Systems Sharepoint Validation Analyst
 8+ years of hands-on computer system validation experience
 Implementing and Validating applications built on SharePoint platform
 Implementing Qualifying a SharePoint platform
 Building and Qualifying Integrations between SharePoint applications and other non-SharePoint applications
 Implementing Governance, Control and Security procedures for SharePoint platform and applications
 .NET development
 Visual Studio development
 MS SQL Server database implementation and qualification
 Disaster Recovery procedures for SharePoint / MS SQL Server
SDLC, Software Design, Code Review, Unit Test, Integration Test, User Acceptance Testing, Configuration Management, Software Build and Release
 Regulatory Affairs business processes
Workflow Design, Implementation and Validation
 Producing, Reviewing, Approving, Executing Validation Plan, IQ, OQ, PQ, Validation Summary Report
 Developing and managing the achievement of Project Plans
Is a self sufficient, motivated, experienced team leader producing on-time high-quality deliverables

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