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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Now we moved to the clouds FREE

Now we moved to the clouds FREE
move to the clouds  Whether you may be interested to know more....the success story


We have only a small place on move to the discoveries to prove our existance.   Now we moved to the clouds 

I exist to learn . Join me ...opportunities to Support Radha Gurumurthy ...A strong lady at Pune fighting & winning against cancer. 

You know, she was admitted in the hospital straight from consultation with the Doctor..Stage 4 ...cancer had spread...advised complete bed rest...she had to use bedpan

Whether you may be interested to know more....the success story 


On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Sankaran Sivaramakrishnan <> wrote:

GotaChance Lifetime Support Radha Gurumurthy Miracle

Play a part to create history...Please Click g+1 Here g+1 Here ....

got a chance

This life is a chance to learn about people, find out about India's temples and rituals. Gotachance is conceived to feel proud of the Indian Heritage and encourage new India to particiapte and contribute. To learn what tasks need to be done and what temples there are to renovate and rebuild. Join, and share news about current activities taking place.

Please Click g+1 at our site to support Radha Gurumurthy who is winning .......

And the Winner is

radha gurumurthy
Radha Gurumurthy

You have heard "Yuvaraj Singh" many times....Know about Radha Gurumurthy an amzing lady from Pune who has demonstrated to fight cancer...unbelievable...a miracle...she made cancerous nodes  disappear......

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